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The Electric Butterfly™
Solar Array

The Electric Butterfly™ is a stand-alone two-axis tracking solar array system that includes 72 solar modules.  Each module is approximately 643 mm wide, 1253mm long, and 27mm thick. It features a custom designed gearbox and is built to withstand 140 mph hurricane force winds, tidal surges, class 5 earthquakes,and sandstorms in the stowed position.  It is built with American steel.

The unit is self- contained for security and is not dependent on the internet for operation. The units can be built on farmland or ranch land. Unlike single axis trackers, these units can be built on uneven terrain. Furthermore, The units can be built very near populated areas, unlike wind, coal, nuclear or natural gas energy. The units do not produce any noise pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, or catastrophic radiation danger. 

CIGS Solar Modules

JLN SOLAR INC’s PV module is based on an American invented and developed CIGS (CuInGaSe2) thin film PV technology. CIGS technology produces excellent energy yields and low levelized costs of electricity under most climatic conditions. 

Texas Utility Electricity Generation and

The Electric Butterfly

By: Miguel Contreras, PhD

White Paper for CIGS Thin-Film Solar Cell Technology

By: Rommel Noufi PhD, Daniel Lincot, Chris Eberspacher et al

Solar Energy Generation and the Electric Butterfly

By: Miguel Contreras, PhD

Report on Electricity, current generation/consumption

and projections + Electric vehicle projection for electricity demand 

By: Miguel Contreras, PhD

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