The Electric Butterfly


The Electric Butterfly™ prototypes find their home in an 150 acre almond orchard in Chico, California. The Electric Butterfly™ is a stand-alone two-axis tracking solar array system that includes 72 solar modules. It is rated at approx. 11kW.


The Electric Butterfly™ is designed to withstand 140 m.p.h. hurricane force winds, tidal surges, sand storms, class 5 earthquakes and grass fires. It features a custom designed gearbox, built using U.S. steel.


JLN SOLAR INC. believes in American manufacturing and American workers.  JLN SOLAR INC. envisions the development of a 125 MW U.S. manufacturing plant. The plant will produce the Electric Butterfly™ solar array, including its custom designed gearbox and controller, as well as JLN SOLAR INC.'s unique CIGS thin film solar modules.  In full scale operation such a facility would create close to five hundred jobs.

JLN SOLAR INC. plans to locate the initial 125 MW manufacturing plant on approximately 30,000 acres of land with railroad access.  The proposed manufacturing plant will include:

  • CIGS solar module manufacturing factory

  • Solar array manufacturing factory

  • Gearbox manufacturing factory

  • Assembly building for the wiring harnesses and controllers

  • Administrative building

  • Electrical substation

  • Three warehouse buildings

  • Guard house