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Photos of Von Ardenne plant, courtesy of Von Ardenne, GmbH
Module Manufacturing

The PV Module is based on an American invented and developed CIGS (CuInGaSe2) thin film PV technology. CIGS PV Modules are the most advanced and the most efficient among the thin film technologies. Today, the efficiency of a laboratory solar cell is 23.3%, the champion module efficiency is slightly in excess of 18.5%, and the shipped commercial module is between 14% and 16% efficient. JLN SOLAR,INC. projects its module efficiency resulting from the first pilot 1 GW plant to be between 15% - 16%, with potential continuous improvements towards >18% efficiency. The module is 1240mm x 630mm with a rating of about 120-130 W.  Key features of current CIGS technology are: (1) a low temperature coefficient (2) a favorable spectral response, and (3) high relative efficiency under low light conditions. These features are the reason for excellent energy yields and hence low levelized costs of electricity under most climactic conditions.  Furthermore, the thin film module design based on monolithic interconnection results in lower cost of fabrication and intrinsically reduces sensitivity to shading. Glass-Glass monolithically integrated CIGS modules are inherently more stable over soldered or bonded solar cell strings. 

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